MS Word is more powerful than you think. The popular word processing tool is used for all types
of tasks. Not everyone knows this, but it can also be used to open web pages in
HTML format.

In this post, you will discover how you can open HTML files in Word and save them in one of the
supported file formats.

Save web pages to word

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First of all, open your browser and go to the webpage you want to save. In the example below we’re
using Google Chrome, but the process should work for any web browser.
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Right click anywhere on the page and click Save As .
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These will prompt the Save As ”box to pop up. Edit the file name as you wish. Under Files of Type , select ” Web Page, HTML Only . Click Save .

Start MS-Word then open the HTML file that you want to edit.

The HTML file will open in Word. However, the document itself does not show how it works online. For starters, the formatting will be ruined. The navigation bar for so is broken up and menus displayed on separate lines.
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You have to edit the document manually to make it more cohesive.

Removing useless links and web elements will make articles easier to read. Using Word Web Layout View makes the cleanup process a lot easier.
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After some editing, your document should somewhat resemble its source.

When you ‘re happy with your changes, go to File Save As . Choose .docx as your file format.
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You should now be able to open the file in Microsoft Word.
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With alternative solutions

If you ‘re not happy with the first solution, know that there are other methods available for saving web pages and opening them in Word.

There are google chrome extensions like save, webpage as word document, you can upload the html file as word document.

While the end product looks exactly the same, this tool saves you from having to re-download the website as an HTML file.

Install the extension and activate it. Go to the page you want to convert. Click on the extension and select the Full Page .

The tool then download the entire website as a Word document.

Tip: You can also highlight an area of ​​the page and click Current Selection . This will allow you to download a specific section instead of the entire page.
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You can also try copying the entire webpage and pasting it into Word.
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But instead of pasting the file as normal, you’d have to use Paste Special. Right click on word. Under Insert , there should be several options. Choose Source The Formatting .

This Paste option allows you to copy over the HTML code while leaving most of the formatting intact.

Note, however, that there is no perfect solution. Once the document is in Word, you would probably have
to make a few changes to make the document resemble the source material.

Once you ‘ve made all the necessary changes, go to the File menu and save the document as a .docx.


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